Renewables, geothermal heat pumps and TCOIL exchangers

Following the theme of renewables, let’s talk about heat pumps and geothermal energy, in combination with TCOIL immersion heat exchangers.

Geothermal energy and the development of geothermal heat pumps are very interesting subjects. Geothermal energy makes indeed available large quantities of renewable energy at a very low cost. Clearly, we’re speaking about second level energy, meaning heat and thermal energy.

Heat pumps are more and more adopted in HVAC applications and in thermoregulation of industrial sites and residential areas. Heat pumps offer a very interesting energy efficiency, and in combination with geothermal energy this is even increased, achieving remarkable energy savings.

In the field of activity of Tempco, we’ve already deployed a series of applications with geothermal heat pumps thanks to TCOIL immersion heat exchangers. These applications involve the immersion of TCOIL heat exchangers in cold water basins, such as lakes, seaports, rivers or canals, in order to dissipate or absorb thermal energy from the fluid in which they are immersed. In addition, the payback of these solutions has shortened very much, due to the increase in energy costs.

In this field we’ve already developed applications in industrial laundries, residential applications, industrial applications and in data centers.