Sustainability and heat exchangers, a whole month dedicated to Renewables

Energy and renewables are themes of growing importance, and becoming more and more actual and relevant. This is very clear looking at the amount and genres of new applications that Tempco has developed in the last few years in the field of renewables, a great number of different solutions rapidly and constantly increasing.

Due to the relevance of the subject, we’ve decided to dedicate the entire month of February to the theme of Renewable energy. Over the next weeks we will go in depth with some applications of heat exchangers employed in solutions that deploy the potential of renewable sources, such as the geothermal energy with TCOIL dimple jacket exchangers and heat pumps or heat exchangers in innovative systems for energy recovery from waves. Up to our special C Series brazed plate exchangers for high pressure and temperatures levels especially intended for applications in innovative CO2 refrigeration systems and the emerging hydrogen industry with fuel cells for sustainable mobility.

Tempco scambiatori di calore rinnovabili

In addition, we are enriching our References section in the Tempco website as well as the contents available in the Resources area, with the case studies and Manuals dedicated to technologies especially deployed for renewables applications.

Let’s then have great February, fully powered by Renewables!

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