Coil exchangers for geothermal heat pumps

These are special coil heat exchangers for geothermal heat pumps for brackish water that we’ve supplied a customer a few months ago. These special heat exchangers are aimed for immersion within geothermal wells in a natural park with thermal water in the Naples area.

Geothermal heat pumps, also called ground source heat pumps, are a particular kind of heat pumps employing ground or water as a renewable energy source, instead of air, offering interesting levels of energy saving.

Tempco scambiatori a serpentino

The geoexchange uses the earth as a heat reservoir, thanks to the characteristic that the ground underneath the earth’s surface maintains a nearly constant temperature throughout the whole year, not being affected by daily or seasonal variations of the external temperature. A geothermal heat pump therefore transfers heat from the ground or water, or from thermal water for instance, providing heating during the winter and lowering costs and the use of fossil fuels, while it dissipates heat giving it back to the ground for cooling and conditioning during the summer.

Tempco scambiatori serpentino pompe geotermiche

These particular exchangers employ heat pump water as thermal transfer fluid with the brackish water of the well. We chose the coil type because of the very narrow size of the well, only 220 mm in width, that made it impossible to employ TCOIL dimple jacket plate exchangers. The construction material for this application is tinned copper, in order to ensure corrosion resistance to chlorides.

Tempco scambiatori pompe geotermiche

Tempco scambiatore pompe di calore geotermiche

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