TCOIL plate heat exchangers in renewables applications

New video on our Tempco Youtube account, showing one of our TCOIL plate heat exchangers. These are in fact the kind of plate heat exchangers for immersion applications, or also for installation as an external jacket on tanks or vessels, or to any kind of equipment that requires thermoregulation.

These heat exchangers are made of two metal sheets welded by spot welding (from which also comes the name Dimple jacket exchangers), and inflated using controlled pressure in order to create an internal chamber for the passage of the fluid that has to be cooled of heated, therefore absorbing of dissipating energy.

The TCOIL exchangers are the solution we use in all of the energy recovery applications, immersed in a tank or basin to absorb or dissipate thermal energy. We spoke recently about geothermal energy: in fact, these are the exchangers we employ for tank immersion, or also in natural basins such as lakes or even for direct immersion in sea water, as heat exchangers directly immersed in a cooler or warmer fluid.

In fact, the TCOIL exchanger shown on the video is an electropolished one, a kind of finishing treatment very much employed in the pharma sector, as well as in the chemical industry and wherever an extremely polished surface is needed in order to reduce the adhesion of scaling or, in the case of immersion in sea water, of biological organisms such as algae or mussels.



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