Energy saving, heat pumps and immersion heat exchangers on the Como Lake

The context is amazing and full of suggestion as we’re talking about a beautiful period Villa looking on the water’s edge of the Como Lake. But interesting as well is the application of TCOIL immersion heat exchangers that Tempco has provided. This is in fact an application strictly related to renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainability in conditioning.

To achieve the cooling of water serving heat pumps, employed for the climatic regulation of Villa Savoja, enchanted real estate on the Como Lake designed in 1857 by the engineer Giovanni Savoja, we have provided electropolished TCOIL heat exchangers intended for direct immersion in the waters of the lake, within an overall renovation project that maintained the original architecture but fostering new modern concepts of sustainability and environmental footprint. The application leverages the natural thermal energy of the lake water, implementing energy saving in the cooling of water serving the heat pumps at the Villa real estate.

Tempco scambiatori immersione TCOIL pompe di calore villa Lago di Como


In Tempco there are several similar applications and references deployed in this interesting field, that combines the high flexibility of dimple jacket heat exchangers with the requirements of emissions reduction and intelligent consumption of energy and resources. A kind of application that has been provided as well in a sea environment, with special executions and a proper selection of constructive materials to stand the presence of chloride in the water of the Loano seaport.

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