Thermoregulation in automotive engines test bench controls

In the automotive sector there are several applications in which we provide our equipments, especially for thermoregulation in engines test bench. The test bench are very sophisticated, being employed for the simulation, testing and control of the performances of engines, a challenging task in terms of precision in temperature regulation and quick response of the thermoregulation units.

termoregolazione banchi prova motore automotive

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Lead batteries recycling plants cooling

The disposal and smelting of lead batteries commonly employed in cars, but also used on industrial vehicles such as lifters and others applications, is a complex and delicate topic, requiring a series of specific technologies.

smaltimento batterie dissipatori Tempco T FIN

Tempco engineers and supplies since many years lead recycling sector’s companies solutions intended for burner’s lances cooling feeding the smelting furnaces.

Tempco dissipatori T FIN

The task involves a special application of the TFIN dissipators, with a special construction using special materials due to the highly aggressive environments of this industry. The dissipators are usually installed in a remote site inside the plants, and are equipped with proper pumping skid systems T FLOW.

smaltimento batterie sistemi pompaggio T FLOW recupero termico

All the equipments, both the coolers and the pumping groups, are redundant, in order to avoid failures and downtimes as in this kind of plants once the smelting process has started it cannot be stopped until the end of the treatment.

Nanofluids for increased cooling efficiency

Nanofluids are a very interesting field of study in the improving of efficiency in cooling and heat transfer applications, with a variety of R&D projects actually focused on them. Nanofluids are colloidal suspensions of nanoparticles in a traditional thermal transfer fluid, such as water, glycol or oil, offering augmented conductivity and higher thermal transfer rate. Nanomaterials bring indeed improved and orginal mechanical, thermal, electrical, magnetic and optical properties.

chiller nanofluidi raffreddamento

Potential applications of nanofluids are limitless, in the HVAC sector and chillers, in heat exchangers efficiency, in fuel cells, absorption chillers and concentrated solar power collectors. Nanotech fluids can then also be employed as nanolubricants, as the addition of nanoparticles and nanotubes to a traditional mineral oil base increase heat dissipation and tribological properties of a common lubricants, with boosted wear resistance that extends the lifecycle of mechanical moving parts in motors and compressors in chillers.

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Cutting torch cooling in metallurgy

In metallurgy industry, oxy-fuel cutting plants are employed to cut hot rolled metals.
Plants working on a continuous cycle are equipped with torches that work 24/7 at high temperatures, with a relevant stress level of the materials.
Tempco produces since many years a complete solution for the cooling of this kind of machinery, using a water circulating system and a cooling system in close-circuit.

metallurgia ossitaglio

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Emergency dissipation in power generation

For a power generation site employing internal combustion engines we provided an emergency dissipation system. The challenges we had to face during this installation were two: first, the location, Port Sudan, on the Red Sea shore, thus presenting harsh environment conditions. In addition, the dissipators were intended as substitution of pre-existing radiators, impossible to recover, thus requiring to adapt the new equipments to the limited installation space, while ensuring enhanced performances.

radiatori dissipazione emergenza

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Thermoregulation in thermoplastic sheets production

The production of polypropylene extruded calendered sheets requires a fine and constant temperature control of calender rollers.
For an application in production lines of polypropylene extruded and calendered sheets we have realized a thermoregulation unit with a temperature working range between +20° C and +120° C, according to the production step.

termoregolazione lastre polipropilene

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Thermoregulation Atex skid for adhesives and chemical industry

In Tempco we are engineering some TREG HC ST mono-fluid thermoregulation units to serve the reactors in a chemical facility of a customer near Milan, part of the Dow Chemical Group. The plant manufactures special materials for the adhesives market, mainly employed in food packaging, automotive industry and paper plastification.

skid Atex industria chimica termoregolazione

The units are realized as thermoregulation Atex skids, aimed to suit the operations in a chemical industry environment.

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Heating in poultry industry

An interesting application of dimple jacket TCOIL plates is really also a basic one, consisting of heating and maintaining the right temperature in a water tank.

dimple jacket poultry industry
Being curious and of interest is instead the specific contest of use, as we are talking about plants for poultry and food industry products preparation, which have to be pre-heated at a certain temperature in order to achieve the most suitable processing conditions.

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Long plates for anodic oxidation

Revamping and rebuild intervention for the substitution of old heat exchangers, impossible to recover, installed in anodic oxidation plants.

We already covered the topic of anodic oxidation a few months ago, talking about aluminium where the treatment process is employed to increase corrosion resistance of the material, for harsh environments applications.

scambiatori piastre lunghe ossidazione anodica

The process consists in the use a galvanic bath, with a solution of water and sulphuric acid, and the passage of low voltage current.

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