Eco-friendly and smart cooling

The concepts of green and eco-friendly stand for a variety of meanings. Usually, an eco-friendly plant is a system offering low or zero emissions.
But a plant can also produce emissions in the upstream of the process, so that the term eco-friendly can also be employed to indicate low energy consumption plants.

raffreddamento ecologico Tempco
Recent regulations are in particular promoting the adoption of EC electric motors, addressing and embracing the green trend in industrial machinery.
Tempco since a long time devotes big efforts to provide customers thermoregulation solutions, cooling and heating systems engineered in order to meet the heat exchange needs of their final applications, limiting the energy waste.

termoregolazione green Tempco

Several technical solutions are available to achieve this kind of goals:

inverters in ventilation groups
– inverters in pumping systems
– Modulating regulation systems using dedicated control valves
– Electric heating managed by static relays or SCR

termoregolazione intelligente ecologica TempcoThe integration of this kind of technologies allows to achieve huge and significant energy savings.
Thermoregulation units are usually conceived in order to offer high performances also in the most critical conditions. Thus, the units become redundant in case of average conditions or during advantageous environmental conditions.
The implementation of modulating systems able to adapt their operations to climatic conditions and to effective working needs (productions levels, temperature levels, etc…) allows to achieve a very efficient consumptions control.
These solutions can often require higher investments at first, but the advantages offered lead to a full ROI in a few months after the commissioning of the plant.


raffreddamento intelligente ecologico Tempco

Exhaust air treatment in textile facilities

The rameuses are machines employed in textile plants producing synthehic and technical fabrics in order to dry dryed fabrics or to hot fix them. This kind of machinery produces exhaust air that requires a proper treatment, but first of all it is necessary to decrease its temperature.

abbattimento fumi industria tessile

The application doesn’t require to achieve deep low temperature levels, as usually air temperatures of 40-45° C are sufficient.

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Fumes treatment in plastics coating plants

In the production of synthetic leather and other similar products, such as laminated composites, pvc, abs, polyurethane but also textiles and films, coating plants of plastic materials are widely employed. This kind of machinery usually produces exhaust fumes loaded with potentially polluting elements, and the fumes are sucked by dedicated exhaust hoods avoiding their dispersion in the environment.

scambiatori fumi spalmatura materie plastiche

Tempco realizes fumes treatment systems in coating plants as a complete solution, typically including a cooling tower equipped with pumping system and water recirculation, combined with a fumes/water exchanger, especially designed in order to decrease the temperature of exhaust fumes.

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Chillers in power generation plants

Chillers are employed also in power generation applications, especially in the case of biogas plants, usually related to cogeneration. Biogas is indeed obtained from waste discharge, animal, agricultural, food or municipal waste, presenting high presence of humidity and aggressive and corrosive agents. The biogas must then be dehumidified in order to be employed in internal combustion engines, and chillers are used to cool down the biogas, eliminating corrosive condensations that can compromise the combustion process and damage the engines components.

chiller deumidificazione biogas cogenerazione Tempco

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Cooling units for special furnaces

Carbon-ceramic brake discs are increasingly required in the automotive sector, for application on high performance vehicles, due to the extremely high levels of braking performances that they offer. The technology involved in the production process of this kind of brake discs is highly sophisticated, and requires a strictly confidential know-how.

Tempco is since a few years a trusted supplier of one of the leading builders of this kind of braking systems, having supplied already in the past a cooling unit solution for the furnaces.

raffreddamento forni dischi freno carboceramici

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Adiabatic free cooling at Plast 2018

Mita Cooling Technologies, a company specialized in cooling towers and a longtime collaborator of Tempco, will introduce the new PAD-V series of adiabatic coolers at Plast 2018, the international exhibition dedicated to innovative technologies for the plastic and rubber industry in Fiera Milano Rho, May 29- June 1, offering increased energy efficiency in an even more compact design.

adiabatic free cooling Mita PAD-V series
The PAD-V series is a free cooling solution for fluid cooling and the condensation of refrigerants, designed for heat dissipation capacities of 75 to 1.100 kW. The combination with chillers allows not only to suspend the employ of compressors during the winter season, with dry operations and leveraging on low temperatures of external air, but thanks to the adiabatic process the solution extends the benefits of energy saving also during the summer season.

Plast 2018

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Thermoregulation in automotive engines test bench controls

In the automotive sector there are several applications in which we provide our equipments, especially for thermoregulation in engines test bench. The test bench are very sophisticated, being employed for the simulation, testing and control of the performances of engines, a challenging task in terms of precision in temperature regulation and quick response of the thermoregulation units.

termoregolazione banchi prova motore automotive

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Lead batteries recycling plants cooling

The disposal and smelting of lead batteries commonly employed in cars, but also used on industrial vehicles such as lifters and others applications, is a complex and delicate topic, requiring a series of specific technologies.

smaltimento batterie dissipatori Tempco T FIN

Tempco engineers and supplies since many years lead recycling sector’s companies solutions intended for burner’s lances cooling feeding the smelting furnaces.

Tempco dissipatori T FIN

The task involves a special application of the TFIN dissipators, with a special construction using special materials due to the highly aggressive environments of this industry. The dissipators are usually installed in a remote site inside the plants, and are equipped with proper pumping skid systems T FLOW.

smaltimento batterie sistemi pompaggio T FLOW recupero termico

All the equipments, both the coolers and the pumping groups, are redundant, in order to avoid failures and downtimes as in this kind of plants once the smelting process has started it cannot be stopped until the end of the treatment.

Nanofluids for increased cooling efficiency

Nanofluids are a very interesting field of study in the improving of efficiency in cooling and heat transfer applications, with a variety of R&D projects actually focused on them. Nanofluids are colloidal suspensions of nanoparticles in a traditional thermal transfer fluid, such as water, glycol or oil, offering augmented conductivity and higher thermal transfer rate. Nanomaterials bring indeed improved and orginal mechanical, thermal, electrical, magnetic and optical properties.

chiller nanofluidi raffreddamento

Potential applications of nanofluids are limitless, in the HVAC sector and chillers, in heat exchangers efficiency, in fuel cells, absorption chillers and concentrated solar power collectors. Nanotech fluids can then also be employed as nanolubricants, as the addition of nanoparticles and nanotubes to a traditional mineral oil base increase heat dissipation and tribological properties of a common lubricants, with boosted wear resistance that extends the lifecycle of mechanical moving parts in motors and compressors in chillers.

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Cutting torch cooling in metallurgy

In metallurgy industry, oxy-fuel cutting plants are employed to cut hot rolled metals.
Plants working on a continuous cycle are equipped with torches that work 24/7 at high temperatures, with a relevant stress level of the materials.
Tempco produces since many years a complete solution for the cooling of this kind of machinery, using a water circulating system and a cooling system in close-circuit.

metallurgia ossitaglio

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