Emergency dissipation in power generation

For a power generation site employing internal combustion engines we provided an emergency dissipation system. The challenges we had to face during this installation were two: first, the location, Port Sudan, on the Red Sea shore, thus presenting harsh environment conditions. In addition, the dissipators were intended as substitution of pre-existing radiators, impossible to recover, thus requiring to adapt the new equipments to the limited installation space, while ensuring enhanced performances.

radiatori dissipazione emergenza

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Thermoregulation in thermoplastic sheets production

The production of polypropylene extruded calendered sheets requires a fine and constant temperature control of calender rollers.
For an application in production lines of polypropylene extruded and calendered sheets we have realized a thermoregulation unit with a temperature working range between +20° C and +120° C, according to the production step.

termoregolazione lastre polipropilene

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Thermoregulation Atex skid for adhesives and chemical industry

In Tempco we are engineering some TREG HC ST mono-fluid thermoregulation units to serve the reactors in a chemical facility of a customer near Milan, part of the Dow Chemical Group. The plant manufactures special materials for the adhesives market, mainly employed in food packaging, automotive industry and paper plastification.

skid Atex industria chimica termoregolazione

The units are realized as thermoregulation Atex skids, aimed to suit the operations in a chemical industry environment.

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Heating in poultry industry

An interesting application of dimple jacket TCOIL plates is really also a basic one, consisting of heating and maintaining the right temperature in a water tank.

dimple jacket poultry industry
Being curious and of interest is instead the specific contest of use, as we are talking about plants for poultry and food industry products preparation, which have to be pre-heated at a certain temperature in order to achieve the most suitable processing conditions.

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Long plates for anodic oxidation

Revamping and rebuild intervention for the substitution of old heat exchangers, impossible to recover, installed in anodic oxidation plants.

We already covered the topic of anodic oxidation a few months ago, talking about aluminium where the treatment process is employed to increase corrosion resistance of the material, for harsh environments applications.

scambiatori piastre lunghe ossidazione anodica

The process consists in the use a galvanic bath, with a solution of water and sulphuric acid, and the passage of low voltage current.

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Semiconductors cooling unit at CERN

Tempco provided the CERN in Geneva a cooling unit system for deionized water to be supplied to IGBT testing equipments. The IGBT are insulated-gate bipolar transistors, three-terminal power semiconductor devices primarily employed in high power applications, mounted on NPC converters (Neutral Point Clamped).

The testing platform required is used in the CERN Technology department dedicated to EPC and PHC, Electric power converters and High power converters. The aim of the testing platform was to test damaged components after reparation before they are put back into operation in NPC power stacks converters. The Power stacks tester comprises two DC sources connected in series, with a cooling unit to provide the necessary water flow to cool the power stacks.

unità raffreddamento Cern acceleratore particelle

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Cloud computing discovered… warm water!

In The Netherlands is it possible to heat water with a computer. Well, let’s better explain it, heating water using the waste heat from servers. We’ve talked about it already in a previous article a few weeks ago, and we are pleased to go more in depth in this interesting project: the innovative idea comes from the start up Nerdalize, and consists in the recovery of the waste heat produced by a distributed network of servers, installed at homes, employed to produce hot tap water. Servers in traditional datacenters consume a lot of energy and produce a lot of waste heat, requiring the 40% of the electricity consumed for server’s cooling.

The Nerdalize solution optimizes in a smart way the energy consumption, and the company built its own heating device that integrates the computer servers in it, able to manage the heat exchange from the servers to hot water. The system is called CloudBox and comes with a boiler tank, and is an add-on easy to install in existing central heating systems. Installation is handled by the company, which also pays the energy used by the servers.

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Temperature regulation on Steel mill fournace gases

Modern production technologies in the metallurgical field of application, require the employ of particular gases such as argon.

The need is to obtaining stable and defined crystalline structures, so that the end product achieves the expected mechanical and physical characteristics.

The development of these technologies continues and even a correct and predetermined thermal level influences the achievement of the required result.

As a consequence of this, we realize systems that use the brazed plate heat exchangers, combined with thermoregulation units, to thermoregulate the gas that is injected in the metallurgical production fournace.

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