Energy recovery with immersion exchangers in industrial laundries

A recent application of energy recovery from waters employed in an industrial laundry, for a customer in Puglia, represents for Tempco a further demonstration of the actual flexibility and versatility of TCOIL immersion exchangers. In the past we’ve already developed an application thanks to the free shape design offered by these kind of dimple jacket heat exchangers, employed on mangano ironers in industrial automatic ironing.

This new application of TCOIL immersion exchangers in industrial laundries is the first of its kind that we supply, and this is in fact a very brilliant and innovative solution, giving the customer a huge advantage in terms of energy saving. The customer has indeed water available at the temperature of 45-50° C, that is conveyed into the exchanger, with feeding water at 12° C that can therefore be heated at 35-40° C. The gain is about 20-25° C, and the water heated thanks to the recovered thermal energy is further heated in a boiler at 45° C ready for a new working cycle. A power saving of about 2/3 of the required power is thus obtained, so that for example the customer has a consumption of only 300 kW instead of 1.000 kW.

Tempco scambiatori TCOIL a immersione lavanderie industriali

This is a very smart application, with heat recovery and a strong energy saving, that becomes even more interesting these days due to the huge increase in gas and energy costs. The increase of energy prices is indeed reducing the payback of a similar solution, drastically shortening the return of investment for the customers, because if once it would have been calculated in 10 years, now it potentially decreases to only 3 years. With then a ROI very much more accessible, even because this kind of solution, with stainless steel construction, offers a very much longer working life.

Once again, another example of the change of paradigm similar to the switch from gas to electrical heating, that we were speaking about in our video on the electrification of heating in thermoregulating units.

Tempco scambiatori TCOIL lavanderie industriali

Tempco scambiatori a immersione TCOIL lavanderie industriali

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