New references in renewables for Tempco

The month of February dedicated to Renewables in Tempco is coming to its conclusion, and we’re glad to present you four new success cases that we’ve added to the section References – Renewable Energies of our website. These are in fact four new applications that involve renewable energy in different ways, and we hope you will find these inspiring and to trigger the deployment of further technologies and solutions aimed at lowering the carbon footprint and increasing the sustainable use of energy.

We invite you then to discover these four new applications, including the employ of CO2 in refrigeration thanks to special high pressure resistant brazed plate exchangers; the significant energy savings achieved in industrial laundries using TCOIL immersion exchangers; hydrogen applications with fuel cells, which involve heat exchangers in a series of main processes, especially for the transports sector; and finally power generation from wave energy thanks to gyroscopic wave energy converters that require accurate temperature control systems using heat exchangers, with titanium construction to stand the contact with sea water.

Tempco renewables references exchangers hydrogen fuel cells

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