Present and future of thermal energy in the second e-book Tempco

The future of thermal energy is the subject of the second e-book we have realized in Tempco (the first one, dedicated to Thermal energy and industrial processes, is available in the Resources section on our Tempco website), called Present and future of Thermal Energy.

Future developments of thermal energy management solutions that are already impacting the present, in fact, aimed at introducing and boosting energy efficiency, sustainability and renewables in industrial applications. Also leveraging the opportunities offered by the digitalization of production processes related to the second level energy and of Industry 4.0.

This small e-book is indeed focused on the most recent and innovative technologies that are spreading within several industrial applications, speaking about heat exchangers and special plate heat exchangers for high temperatures and high pressures, employed for CO2 refrigeration in the HVAC sector. But also focusing on hydrogen applications in fuel cell technologies, heat pumps using geothermal energy and immersion TCOIL exchangers and, finally, the liquid cooling in Data Centers.



And so, thanks for any commitment in being sustainable, and Enjoy the reading!

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