High pressure Brazed plate exchangers in CO2 refrigeration for transports

We’ve already spoken about CO2 refrigeration systems, a green and sustainable HVAC solution that not only eliminates the employ of synthetic refrigerants, but uses in addition a natural source, thus renewable and with zero environmental impact. The side product of CO2 refrigeration thermal cycle is indeed water.

For an application in HVAC for transport vehicles, both for the driving cabin and the passengers areas, Tempco has recently supplied super high pressure brazed plate exchangers, with a special design that enables the exchangers to withstand pressures up to 140 bar. The innovative HVAC solutions that employ CO2 for sustainable conditioning require indeed the employ of equipments and components especially designed for high operating pressure levels. A challenging new field of application for sustainable HVAC and brazed plate exchangers, that leads to new special engineering and construction deployments.

Tempco scambiatori saldobrasati alta pressione refrigerazione CO2

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