CO2 refrigeration for a more sustainable conditioning

Tempco has recently supplied of a quantity of CO2 exchangers for an important customer operating in the district heating and cooling technologies sector, committed to provide sustainable and innovative solutions for heating and air conditioning.

In this context, a highly innovative technology involves the use of CO2 as a refrigerant, replacing traditional refrigerant fluids, also helping to comply with new regulations for refrigeration applications aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the sector. CO2 is in fact a natural resource, available in the atmosphere but also as a waste product in numerous industrial processes. In this regard, rapidly growing are the technologies that ensure the capture, storage and use of CO2, called CCS or CCUS (Carbon Capture and Storage and Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage).

The properties of CO2 in fact make this gas a renewable resource that offers a high rate of heat transfer efficiency, which also increases the safety of applications in the event of leaks within the plants and at the same time guarantees a high potential for emission reduction, with a value of Global Warming Potential equal to 1.

However, in the compression, condensation and evaporation cycles of CO2 it is necessary to work with very high operating pressures, which reach up to 140 bar. A field that opens up new application perspectives for Tempco special brazed exchangers, which thanks to the particular brazing cycle are able to withstand very high working pressures.

Tempco scambiatori T Plate B C refrigerazione CO2