Newly refurbished References section in Tempco’s website

A new and renewed section dedicated to the References of Tempco’s application in a series of industrial sectors, already available in the Italian section of the site, is being added and updated on our Tempco website.

The References section includes a complete series of success cases deployed by Tempco over the years for the Food and beverage industry, the Automotive sector, chemical and oil & gas, applications for renewable energy, pharmaceutical production, rubber and plastics industry, paper, metallurgy, power generation, research and engineering and the textile industry.

A very wide and complete amount of applications is featured in the section, classified by industrial sector of destination and employing the whole range of thermal energy management equipments and machinery offered by Tempco: plate heat exchangers, shell and tube exchangers and dimple jacket exchangers, thermoregulating units and chillers, evaporative towers, free cooling and energy recovery solutions, high efficiency cooling and heating equipments.

Each applications is completed with a description of the kind of industrial process involved and its requirements in terms of temperature regulation, the solution that was designed and the machines and equipments employed in the making of the plant. An overview sheet, that can be downloaded in PDF format, offers then a summery of the characteristics of each application, providing a complete view of the several solutions for thermal energy management in all industrial sectors in which Tempo operates.

We therefore gladly invite you to discover the wide range of industrial thermoregulation and temperature regulation applications developed by Tempco, always being updated, and enjoy the navigation!

Tempco References of thermal energy management and temperature regulation in industrial production

Tempco referenze applicazioni industriali regolazione temperatura