T COIL dimple jacket aka flexibility in thermoregulation

A new video in our Youtube Tempco channel (turn-on subtitles for English translation) is dedicated to a very interesting argument, a special kind of heat exchangers called T COIL. These are dimple jacket exchangers which are customized by design upon specific requirements of final applications.

T COIL dimple jacket exchangers are primary exchangers offering high efficiency and flexibility, and are realized by welding on their edges two metal sheets, also spot-welded according to a scheme depending on the kind of the flowing fluid to be employed. The welded sheets are then inflated using high pressure, obtaining a dimple with a series or internal channels where the cooling or heating fluid will flow. The sheets are usually made by AISI stainless steel, allowing cold deformation after welding without breaking.

This peculiar construction process allows to obtain a high mechanical resistance, so that materials with thin thickness can be employed. This characteristic allows to reduce costs while having excellent thermal exchange rates, lower inertia and thus higher thermal efficiency. T COIL series exchangers can be employed by direct immersion into the fluid to be cooled or heated, but also with clamp-on installation on tanks, pipings or machinery. They can work with a variety of fluids, such as steam, heat transfer oil, water and overheated water.


Industrial applications really are countless, in Tempco we already used T COILS in the food industry, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, but also in the paper mill industry, and every year we develop and discover new applications in further sectors. Starting with the early applications for water thermoregulation, step by step we’ve got very further, for grain cooling, dust cooling or clamp-on applications on tanks in substitution of traditional cooling coils.

We are able to realize T COIL dimple jacket exchangers in standard sizes, the only limit being the sizes of metal sheets and coils available on the market. Our workshop can realize plates and exchangers with customized dimensions according to every application needs, offering different shapes and geometries to fit customer’s requirements and industrial processes’ thermoregulation needs. This construction flexibility allows to adapt T COIL exchangers to a wide variety of heating and cooling tasks in production processes.