Heat pumps and deep-water dimple jacket TCOIL

We gladly and with great satisfaction dedicate a new article to an interesting application of TCOIL dimple jacket heat exchangers employed in thermal energy dissipation of a heat pump. The TCOIL dimple jacket exchangers are one of the most flexible solutions for cooling and heating purposes, able to adapt themselves to a wide variety of contexts and process needs.

scambiatori dimple jacket TCOIL pompe di calore

This time, we have installed the TCOIL directly in the deep-water, near the Como Lake, at the depth of 20 meters. Properly sized, the dimple jacket exchanger allows to convey the water of the heat pump using high-resistance flexible pipes.

scambiatori a immersione Temcpo TCOIL

dimple jacket exchangers heat pumps


Thickness and supporting structure have been carefully oversized in order to resist depths current flows, with also a support structure anchoring the machinery on a pedestal.

The TCOIL has been provided with flange connections, making connection operations easier for the divers who will be in charge of the task.

scambiatori dimple jacket pompe di calore