Interactive 3D model of thermoregulating units TREG in mono fluid cooling

Tempco TREG HCST thermoregulating units are suitable for mono fluid thermoregulation with high precision levels and high flexibility thanks to the employ of a single thermoregulating-fluid.

We invite you to discover the interactive 3D model available at the product page on our Tempco website that allows to explore the construction of the thermoregulating unit (a couple of screenshots are pictured below), zooming to see it in detail and also rotating the plant as you like to have a 360° vision of the solution, choosing both cooling cycle or heating cycle mode.

In the animated video of the thermoregulating unit below, the fluid employed is water which is regulated at the temperature required by the application, often reactors employed in pharmaceutical and chemical production, in all the different production steps involved.


Using the same kind of cooling fluid, by thermoregulating it within the circuit achieving the exact temperature level required every time by the different production steps, it is no more necessary to empty and washing the circuit every time as required when different thermoregulating fluids are employed to achieve the several temperature levels needed.

The SFC – Standard Custom Flexibility approach in Tempco finally allows to fully customize the thermoregulating units to meet specific requirements of clients, further increasing thermal efficiency, the reliability of the plant and achieving smart energy consumption.

Tempco modello 3D interattivo TREG raffreddamento

Tempco modello 3D interattivo TREG raffreddamento termoregolazione

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