Tempco Solid Partnerships, temperature control synergies

Customization of each project has always been the core of Tempco’s engineering activities, in order to provide the best solution for every customer’s requirement. This is our mission in every industrial sector we are serving. Starting with the chemical and oil & gas sectors, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, but also in new renewable energies, we cautiously take care of the overall engineering and realization of every single request.

The mission of our team is to achieve the high standards requested by the customers with our solutions for temperature control, corresponding to the very same targets we are seeking as a company. Tempco is indeed the heart of the totality of operations and studies surrounding a project. We thus collaborate with specialized partners in several fields, with whom we coordinate the activities in order to achieve the optimal result for every order we are entrusted for. We believe indeed that is essential to offer a professional and careful service, and not only a fully functional and efficient application.

In order to ensure the perfect shape of a plant, from engineering up to the commissioning, always aiming at customization, we have decided to back up our team with a carefully selected network of industrial partners.

In the field of control panels and automation on our machines, we make sure that the machinery is provided with all the certifications required by the Country of installation, ATEX, CE, EAC, UL, a key condition in order to ensure a smart and efficient management. This same target drives the work of assistants responsible for software and PLC management within the plants, aimed at ensuring the maximum project performances to the end-user.

Speaking of installation, and in case of technically complex plants, we provide service and counseling in terms of plant configuration and piping thanks to our partners, solving every possible doubt and need of the customer. Especially when machinery has to be integrated in a pre-existing layout at customer’s facility.

When regulations establish severe standards in terms of engineering and manufacturing of pressure equipments, we are able to face the task thanks to partners specialized in ensuring the full compliance. With a special attention to ASME and PED regulations using certified WPS.

Thanks to the expertise and know-how of our team and to Tempco solid partnerships, we are able to manage the projects step by step, from the first idea through installation, and further on with maintenance in order to guarantee life long efficiency thanks to our specialized technicians. That’s how we are able to provide the most suitable solution for every thermoregulation need.

  • Control Board and Automation
  • Software PLC
  • Plant engineering and piping
  • Service
  • Engineering
  • Pressure equipment and certified welding

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