Energy saving and IoT, chatting with Tempco part. 2

Follow-up of the chat we did with La Termotecnica, let’s go on talking about energy saving, a really main driver in all of Tempco’s projects. In order to maximize energy saving in industrial thermoregulation, cooling and heating solutions, we’ve developed a series of thermoregulating units that employ power modulation on electric motors. Whenever is it possible, we always try to use fans and pumps with EC motors, equipped with inverters enabling to adapt pressure and flow rate to the effective needs of the process.

We have also developed a series of thermoregulating units with electric heating equipped with continuous variation of the power capacity, aimed to provide customer the effective power required in a just-in-time basis, exactly when it’s needed.

Free cooling systems are another application we develop since many years to achieve energy saving in industrial applications. A new project is instead the iTempco platform. The project was born in January 2019, but we were thinking about something similar for a long time yet: iTempco is a condition monitoring platform of our units, which allows to remotely check via cloud both the functioning and the performances of our thermal machines, aimed to implement predictive maintenance services. In addition, it allows us to understand how our equipments work, and how they are sized referred to real customer’s needs, providing us a feedback loop to optimize the engineering of our machines, in a data-driven mode.

Finally, this Tempcoblog you are reading is something that goes on since 15 years, aimed to open a contact window with our customers where we can give updates on our latest solutions for heat exchange and energy recovery problems. I can take this opportunity to say a big Thank you to everyone who is still following us with such continuity after all these years, for your attention and contribution! And also for the nice feedback we’re having for the Video series that during 2019 we started uploading on our Tempco YouTube channel.

Looking at the future of Tempco, we have very clear ideas: we want to keep growing enormously, in order to be able to give customers better and better support in their energy saving and temperature regulation applications. The Tempco team is really a close-knit and skilled group, and it allow us to react with very short times to market demands. In Tempco we love challenging projects, because this is not really a job for us, it is truly a passion!