Service, efficiency, heat exchangers and… Enjoy August!

August is going to kick off the Summer vacations, and this year more than ever we’ve had incredibly high temperatures. It quickly makes thinking about how climatic conditions affect the efficiency and operations of industrial equipments aimed at regulating the temperature in production processes. And hence how it’s important to plan a proper maintenance and service program ensuring that everything works at its maximum thermal efficiency.

Plate heat exchangers are in particular the most simple and most efficient solutions among thermal machines, as long as periodic service and checks on their operating conditions are provided. Recently, we did an intervention on a plant of a customer, where the exchanger was having a severe loss in its thermal performance, it was in fact not able to heat at all.

The customer called us, and when we opened the exchanger guess what we’ve found? In fact, a sort of ‘waffle’ made of limescale and carbonates, that clearly was isolating the plates of the exchanger preventing the thermal transfer. Also, the stress on gaskets was very high. Therefore, we’ve washed and re-gasketed the plate heat exchanger, and for the future it will be also mandatory a proper treatment of the water employed within the customer’s plant.

Tempco manutenzioe scambiatori vacanze estate 2022

Tempco estate 2022 manutenzione scamnbiatori di calore a piastre


It is thus fundamental to make sure that temperature regulating equipment, heat exchangers but not only, are in perfect working conditions and fully functional. In order to be ready for the re-start in September at their full efficiency, after a well earned Summer break.

And with this in mind, Tempco wishes everyone a Great August and Good Summer Holidays!


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