Temperature control in wave power generation pilot project

For out last post of this 2022, before our seasonal greetings for the incoming winter Holidays, we gladly go back speaking about alternative and renewable energy. In Tempco we have indeed recently supplied an interesting cooling system installed on a pilot project for wave energy production. The system requires a series of temperature controls, dedicated to:

  • support the gyroscopic wave energy converters
  • power inverter for the rectification of the electricity voltage produced before inserting it into the grid
  • a unique system combines the hydraulic oil cooling circuit and the demi water cooling circuit, in an extremely compact size

Although being quite simple, as the system includes some air heat exchangers and a titanium exchanger using sea water, the solution involves some design and engineering peculiarities. The overall system is indeed installed offshore in an open sea platform, and therefore it is exposed to remarkable careening. The support structure has then been engineered in order to stand this kind of solicitations, while the storage tanks for the hydraulic oil and the water, in addition to mechanical resistance, have to stand also the internal splashing while maintaining constant levels and without false alarms.

Tempco energia da moto ondoso regolazione temperatura

Furthermore, in order to ensure the reliability of the thermal transfer, the plant has been equipped with redundant control and circulation systems.

Tempco energia da moto ondoso controllo temperatura

Tempco energia da moto ondoso radiatori

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