Non-clogging filling packs increase efficiency on textile evaporative towers

The ‘magic word’ is non-clogging filling packs on cooling towers. A long-term customer of Tempco, with several textile facilities around Europe and an important installed park of evaporative towers, launched a few years ago an intervention to increase performances and efficiency on operational costs of these machinery.

Some year ago we did a complete analysis of critical issues involving plants using evaporative towers, installed in a couple of industrial production facilities. In collaboration with an engineering and design studio, we made it clear that the rapid and excessive clogging of the filling packs within the towers generated a decrease of their cooling capacity, combined with a gradual increase of power consumption.

Pacco di scambio anti intasamento torri evaporative tessile

The technical office then agreed on testing a tower equipped with a non-clogging filling pack, different from a splash type one, obtaining quite good results that convinced them to adopt this solution as a standard for all of the plants, first equipment cooling towers but also for the revamping of existing ones.

Now following an annual maintenance and integration program, the customer is gradually substituting all of the filling pack systems of its towers, even if it requires bigger machines, and therefore a higher first investment cost, but with a two-seasons long ROI, achieving a strong decrease on maintenance and energy consumption costs.

Torri evaporative pacchi riempimento non clogging tessile

Pacchi riempimento torri raffreddamento tessile

Torri evaporative pacchi riempimento anti intasamento tessile

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