Monofluid thermoregulation in pharma Group for API production

For a chemical and pharmaceutical group, we have deployed two thermoregulating units for reactors employed in the production of APIs. The two systems are combined with a chiller that provides anti-freezing solution at a temperature of -10° C, serving the cooling sections of both units.

The thermoregulating units are completely framed and have been developed to implement monofluid thermoregulation of the temperature of the reactors.

Tempco termoregolazione mofluido pharma

Tempco termoregolazione monofluido pharma

Monofluid thermoregulation is indeed a solution very widely employed within the chemical and pharma industry. Here, a unique working thermal fluid flows within an array of heat exchangers, providing the diverse temperature regulation levels for each of the production steps. The solution avoids the downtimes related to empty and load operations of different thermal fluids inside the circuit, achieving in addition very fine levels of temperature control.

The two thermoregulating units have been equipped with state of the art technological solutions, in order to obtain very high levels of precision in the control of process temperatures with tolerances of +/-1° C.

Tempco termoregolazione pharma monofluido

Tempco termoregolazione monofluido API

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