Heating in poultry industry

An interesting application of dimple jacket TCOIL plates is really also a basic one, consisting of heating and maintaining the right temperature in a water tank.

dimple jacket poultry industry
Being curious and of interest is instead the specific contest of use, as we are talking about plants for poultry and food industry products preparation, which have to be pre-heated at a certain temperature in order to achieve the most suitable processing conditions.

This kind of application could also be realized employing an off-line heat exchanger providing water re-circulation at the outside of the tank. But due to the presence of many solid rests and particles even of big sizes, the application requires a clean solution, that doesn’t clog and allows non-stop operations on the processing line.

scambiatori a immersione TCOIL dimple jacket
Dimple-jacket TCOIL exchangers are the ideal solution, using plates consisting of immersed sheets not subject to clogging, allowing rapid and efficient cleaning operations combined to high thermal transfer efficiency.

dimple jacket sheets TCOIL