Dimple plate jacket, from chemical and beyond

We often discussed about dimple plate jacket exchangers, the T COIL series of Tempco heat exchangers for clamp-on or immersion application.

Dimple plate jacket exchangers offer a very interesting construction, achieving high thermal transfer efficiency and custom flexibility in shape and geometries.

Tempco dimple plate jacket

In clamp-on application, these thermal machines allow to literally suit industrial equipments, such as reactors, vessels or mixers, with the dimple jacket sheet of this kind of plate heat exchanger. Thin metal plates are indeed shaped in order to create an external cavity, a jacket welded along the borders and in some points following a pattern design, obtaining a dimple structure in the metal sheets of the exchanger.

The dimple jacket sheet is then inflated using high pressure, creating a jacket with high mechanical resistance, in which the working fluid is circulated, cooling or heating the fluid contained inside the equipment.

dimple plate jacket exchanger

Dimple jacket exchangers are born in chemical industry, but thanks to their construction versatility and high thermal transfer efficiency have rapidly spread in many others industrial sectors, such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, storage, and also data center cooling, free cooling applications and heat recovery plants.