Evolving electrical thermoregulation in pharma industry

Leveraging a solid know-how built by Tempco in more than 15 years in thermoregulation applications in the pharma sector, we are introducing an improvement in the engineering of our TREG thermoregulating units.

termoregolazione pharma TREG

The new electrical heating units dedicated to chemical, industrial and pharma fields meet the need of these sectors to regulate the temperatures in their processes, with increasing precision and programming functionalities.

In addition the pharma sector requires a constant monitoring of all process’ steps, thus including a continuous monitoring of temperatures and cycle times of all the heating/cooling/temperature maintaining cycles.

termoregolazione settore farmaceutico TREG

These requirements must be fulfilled providing compact machinery, ensuring easy and fast installation and commissioning. Tempco’s solutions portfolio offers a broad constructive range of power capacities, with different temperature control levels.

termoregolazione pharma Tempco TREGOn the side of equipments we held our decisions, at the beginning not always accepted but nowadays representing a very appreciated and required standard:

  • Stainless steel heating armored resistances
  • Stainless steel internal pipings
  • Stainless steel plate heat exchangers
  • Flanged connections
  • Process and utilities connections on the upper side, making installation easier
  • Electrical panel in watertight box with thermoregulation unit interface and remote set point
  • ALL-IN execution complete with fairing, allowing a ‘clean’ installation without external components