Cooling in aluminium profile drawing

The aluminium profile drawing process involves cooling and thermal exchange operations combined with the treatment of the water employed for washing and cooling purposes.

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The production of aluminium profiles is increasing globally, due to the growing demand of this kind of products more and more utilized in construction and building such as in several industrial applications.
Once the profiles are made, they have to be washed and cooled before going through the next production treatments.

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lavaggio trafilatura profili alluminioIn Tempco we develop since many years integrated plants for profiled parts cooling at the end of the production process. This kind of plants are completely manufactured using stainless steel and integrate plate heat exchangers combined with filtration groups and cooling machinery such as evaporative towers or dry coolers.

Here, a proper water treatment is mandatory, because the water employed comes in direct contact with the final products. The cooling water must leave no deposits or impurities on the surfaces of the profiled parts. In order to ensure the right quality of the water, in partnership with experts in chemical treatments for water conditioning we engineered a complete system aimed to supply water perfectly compliant with this kind of application.

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