Eco-friendly and smart cooling

The concepts of green and eco-friendly stand for a variety of meanings. Usually, an eco-friendly plant is a system offering low or zero emissions.
But a plant can also produce emissions in the upstream of the process, so that the term eco-friendly can also be employed to indicate low energy consumption plants.

raffreddamento ecologico Tempco
Recent regulations are in particular promoting the adoption of EC electric motors, addressing and embracing the green trend in industrial machinery.
Tempco since a long time devotes big efforts to provide customers thermoregulation solutions, cooling and heating systems engineered in order to meet the heat exchange needs of their final applications, limiting the energy waste.

termoregolazione green Tempco

Several technical solutions are available to achieve this kind of goals:

inverters in ventilation groups
– inverters in pumping systems
– Modulating regulation systems using dedicated control valves
– Electric heating managed by static relays or SCR

termoregolazione intelligente ecologica TempcoThe integration of this kind of technologies allows to achieve huge and significant energy savings.
Thermoregulation units are usually conceived in order to offer high performances also in the most critical conditions. Thus, the units become redundant in case of average conditions or during advantageous environmental conditions.
The implementation of modulating systems able to adapt their operations to climatic conditions and to effective working needs (productions levels, temperature levels, etc…) allows to achieve a very efficient consumptions control.
These solutions can often require higher investments at first, but the advantages offered lead to a full ROI in a few months after the commissioning of the plant.


raffreddamento intelligente ecologico Tempco