Exhaust air treatment in textile facilities

The rameuses are machines employed in textile plants producing synthehic and technical fabrics in order to dry dryed fabrics or to hot fix them. This kind of machinery produces exhaust air that requires a proper treatment, but first of all it is necessary to decrease its temperature.

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The application doesn’t require to achieve deep low temperature levels, as usually air temperatures of 40-45° C are sufficient.

At our latitudes, an interesting and efficient solution is to employ a cooling tower, always combined with a plate heat exchanger. The water of the cooling tower cannot indeed directly be employed to cool down the exhaust air coming from the plants, due to the mutual contamination that it might cause.

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Energy efficiency is an essential element in this kind of applications, thus cooling towers, even though they present a simple structure, are equipped with EC motors and inverter controls, allowing consumptions and power adaptation upon the real cooling demand. Power modulation is especially pursued with regard to the effective current season, in order to avoid excessive cooling during the cold seasons.