Energy saving with EC drives and inverters on heat management machines

Inverters and electronic controlled components employed in industrial thermal management machines offer today the chance to achieve important consumption savings. Fluids and air recirculation systems, using pumps and fans, are indeed involved in several heat management solutions machinery in all kind of production plants, for machines and production materials thermoregulation, for cooling and heating of hydraulic oil, working fluids and compressors units, and for waste heat recovery from industrial processes.

In order to answer the growing demand of sustainable industrial heat management solutions, combining process efficiency, energetic saving and respect of the environment, Tempco offers a double version on any kind of medium size thermal management solution engineered and developed: a standard and basic one, with basic components, and another one enhanced by Energy Safe engineering, with special components dramatically lowering energy consumptions and able to adapt system functioning according to the effective needs of the production plant.

Indeed, industrial plants don’t always need to work and perform at 100% of the maximum power capacity, and so thermal machines, evaporative cooling towers, heat exchangers, chillers and thermoregulating units are not requested to function for all the time at maximum project performance levels. Using EC drives and inverters allow then to adapt speed and power of drives and engines with rotating parts, such as hydraulic pumps and fans, to the real work load needed, lowering and minimizing energetic absorption avoiding wastes. Industrial heat management machinery market is going toward green and environmentally friendly solutions, respecting the environment but also reducing industrial production costs by lowering electrical consumption and optimizing the employment of resources.

Magnetically driven pumps are for example the most suitable engineering solution for thermal machines working with pumping systems for high temperature fluids, with medium fluid’s loads, where the coupling between the primary motor shaft and the pump impeller is provided by a magnetic beam. The absence of direct mechanical coupling avoid the use of mechanical seals and gaskets, hydraulic section being completely isolated from the mechanical drive shaft, excluding the high risk of fluid’s leakage in high pressure and temperature working conditions. Using sensors and PID control panels, pumping systems with EC drives and inverters allow tuning pumps and engines to function according to the real power amount requested by the plant.

Electronically controlled EC drives, inverters and PID panels, regulating the power of pumping and ventilation systems according to pre-defined value sets, can be the perfect solution for energy saving performances in cooling/heating machinery and thermoregulating units in a wide range of industrial sectors: hydraulic oil cooling systems in steel industry, thermoregulating units for chemical/pharmaceutical plants, for rubber and plastic and food and beverage industry, or cooling systems in air compressors units in pneumatic tools applications. And the applications of electronic controls of power in heat management machinery are endless, versatile and fully flexible, bringing great energy saving advantages and optimizing the use of resources in any possible industrial production sector.