Cutting torch cooling in metallurgy

In metallurgy industry, oxy-fuel cutting plants are employed to cut hot rolled metals.
Plants working on a continuous cycle are equipped with torches that work 24/7 at high temperatures, with a relevant stress level of the materials.
Tempco produces since many years a complete solution for the cooling of this kind of machinery, using a water circulating system and a cooling system in close-circuit.

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The system is intended for installation in harsh and challenging environments, thus employing centrifugal pumps with moderate mass flow rate but high hydraulic head (5-6 bar), allowing cooling water to reach the most critical spots of the steel cutting equipment.

The cooling system, even if pushy working temperatures are not required, is a critical equipment since it is crucial in order to ensure seamless and continuous operations, so that it is engineered paying much attention to redundancy.

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Heat exchangers design must in addition take account of dusty environment in steel mills, using wide margins for over-dimensioning and a special care choosing the proper geometry in the construction of parts in contact with external air.