Chillers -30°C in pharma industry

Recently in Tempco we’ve developed a refrigeration solution for near-cryogenic temperatures supplied to a customer in the pharma sector, aimed to cool down to -25°C the reactor employed in the production of the active ingredient of an innovative aerosol.

chiller pharma Tempco

After a careful evaluation of the overall process, we came with the proposition of two alternative solutions:

  • A liquid nitrogen cooling system
  • A classic compressor chillers solution

The solution using chillers was the preferred one, due to its technical advantages and the easier management. We agreed with the customer to develop a system employing two chillers working in parallel, each one achieving 75% of the total duty required.
The cooling capacity of each chiller is -30°C, and an automatic regulation system of the condensation ensures the best process efficiency in every season, an essential requirement because the plant is always operating.

chiller Tempco pharma -30

The full stainless realization steel has a special insulation for extreme low temperatures. A storage and distributing skid was built inside the building of the customer, providing the reactor the non-freezing solution, and equipped with:

  • Storage tanks
  • Redundant pumps
  • Monitoring and management centralized system

The remote management from a control-room allows monitoring and piloting of both chillers and pumps, with the possibility to manage alarms in order to ensure maximum productivity and to avoid expensive downtimes.