Thermoregulation Atex skid for adhesives and chemical industry

In Tempco we are engineering some TREG HC ST mono-fluid thermoregulation units to serve the reactors in a chemical facility of a customer near Milan, part of the Dow Chemical Group. The plant manufactures special materials for the adhesives market, mainly employed in food packaging, automotive industry and paper plastification.

skid Atex industria chimica termoregolazione

The units are realized as thermoregulation Atex skids, aimed to suit the operations in a chemical industry environment.


The units are highly flexible, and enable the management with the customer’s software. At this purpose, the skids are equipped with a series of valves and drives allowing to work in a very wide range of temperatures.

termoregolazione skid atex chimico

The fluid employed is a mixture of glycol-water, that will work at temperatures between -15° and +120° C, with maximum pressure of 5 barg.

Heating section employs steam in a plate heat exchanger, while the cooling section is sized to initially work using water from evaporative tower, but has been already designed for future further improvements, due to the construction of a new innovation hub for the development of new adhesives for the packaging sector.

skid atex termoregolazione industria chimica