Water cooling solution for power electronics

For a manufacturer of power switch rectifiers, operating in the galvanic treatment sector, in Tempco we have developed a special cooling module using water (yes, exactly water) for power electronics components.

This is a kind of application for which we have grown a consolidated and extensive know-how, thanks to recent solutions realized for other customers in the nautical sector and the power industry.

Tempco raffreddamento ad acqua elettronica di potenza

For this important customer we have therefore engineered a compact and integrated module, aimed at being installed inside its towers, exactly as if it was a rack module. The solution is completely autonomous and complete with pumping system, thermal transfer and temperature regulation. The whole project has been realized thanks to an in depth 3D study of the internal layout and arrangement of all components, in order to reduce as much as possible the size of the system to fit it into the existing equipment of the customer.

Tempco raffreddamento ad acqua elettronica di potenza power rectifiers

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