Thermoregulation in anesthetics production

A customer in the pharmaceutical industry placed an order for thremoregulating units intended for a new plant for the production of anesthetics. The unit is actually in the start-up phase, and works directly on the product, regulating the temperatures required in the several steps of the production of active ingredients employed in the anesthetics.

The production process requires precisions on the temperature set-point of +/- 2° C, working on the tank for the active principles directly on the product. The production temperature range is comprised between -5° C and +130° C. The thermoregulating unit we have developed is a model with vapor heating and cooling circuit using a plate heat exchanger served by a dedicated chiller.


The TREG unit employs two different PID electronic thermoregulators: a first one (Master) senses the product, and on this one the customer can set-up the required temperature according to each production step (cooling, heating, sterilization, etc…). A second PID thermoregulator then receives the input from the first one, in order to set-up the required set-point and regulating the temperature of the water employed to regulate the temperature in the tank.


The commissioning of the whole system required a couple of days, in order to make all the tests and find the right PID settings and neutral stripes to properly overlap temperatures and heat/cold cycles, achieving the correct thermoregulation during the various process’ steps.