Temperature control in pharmaceutical preparers

The pharmaceutical industry is still requiring and triggering interesting applications. Actually, in Tempco we are engineering a heating and cooling plant for application to preparers of pharma products of a customer in Mendrisio.

The project involves the installation of two thermoregulating units, with heating/cooling power of 80/80 kW, employing water/antifreeze as thermal fluid, in a range of temperatures of -5°C/+140°C. The thermoregulation plant is engineered to provide temperature control with a tolerance of +/-1°C.

controllo temperatura impianto farmaceutico

The heating circuit employs electrical resistances directly immersed in the water flow to be thermoregulated, operated by SCR switching static relays. The antifreeze solution in the cooling circuit is fed by a chiller at a temperature of -10°C, on a plate heat exchanger, equipped with a three-port switch valve.

The whole system is operated by an electronic PID temperature controller, employing two switch outputs for the control of heating or cooling (or both of them) cycles, based on programmed temperature set-points, thus adjusting the power consumption to the effective needs of the pharmaceutical production process. The interface with the customer’s PLC enables remote monitoring and supervision functions of the thermoregulating units.