Thermoregulating units in clean energy

It happens often that new applications of the thermoregulating units that we develop to meet customers requests surprise ourselves too. The flexibility of this kind of thermoregulating equipment allows indeed to offer a fine temperature regulation and heating capacity modulation to apply in several sectors, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, composite materials and test benches.

A particular application we recently developed required special thermoregulating units for testing of an alternative energy production system using a Stirling engine.
energia alternativa termoregolazione biomasse

Stirling engines are often employed in the gasification process in clean energy production from biomasses. This is a kind of heat engine operating in closed-circuit by cyclic compression and expansion of a gas, as thermal fluid, at different temperatures, converting heat energy into mechanical work. Heat exchangers are also employed as regenerators to maintain the thermal gap and boosting the cycle efficiency.

The thermoregulating unit we supplied offers the capability of modulation of several parameters:

– heating power using thyristors
– diathermic oil flow using an inverter
– cooling capacity using a modulating control valve

All Tempco thermoregulating units can in addition be realized in special executions, such as Atex and with standard or special voltage, also for USA market.