Racing motors thermoregulation

Special industrial applications are the perfect field to take advantage of the extreme flexibility of Tempco’s special Thermoregulating units.

termoregolazione banchi prova motori F1

An example is the special custom solution we designed and engineered for application in a test bench for extreme high-performance motors, engines to be employed in competition and racing cars.
We developed for a specific customer a diathermic oil thermoregulating unit for high-temperatures up to 300°C, with fine temperature regulation.

The unit has heating power of 300KW, and cooling section of 100KW.

Tempco’s special thermoregulating units offer power control using resistances with static relay, and heating power modulation with thyristors, so that power is supplied upon actual thermoregulation needs, achieving smart consumes, maximum efficiency and energy saving.
Cooling is achieved with modulating control valves.

Depending on installation environment, industrial sector of application and the type of process to fit, Tempco realizes thermoregulating units in special executions, such as Atex compliant, and with standard and special voltage for final installation in global markets, including USA.

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