Sustainable thermal energy in the key of

There is a new video in our Tempco Youtube channel to welcome everyone to the new website, a new website dedicated to the innovative products and solutions we are developing, and that we have already developed in the latest months and recent years, aimed at fostering the energy transition.

There is a lot talking about it, and the topic is definitely trending and ‘hot’, as well as hype, and in Tempco we believe we have achieved a solid expertise in this field so that we wanted to share this innovative green know-how with you through a new dedicated website.

We felt the urge to put online with the green solutions for temperature control that we have developed during these last years especially aimed at increasing energy efficiency even in plants dedicated to second level energy, that means the thermal energy. And so, for a sustainable thermal energy management in industrial processes.

As you know, recently we have increasingly developed thermoregulating units equipped with power adjustment systems, using thyristors, and we widely employ drives with electronic variable speed control, on pumps, fans, and everywhere they can be applied. This is aimed at fostering a more efficient management of thermal energy in industrial production processes.

This new website is a collection of all of the case studies and applications we did and that we will develop in the future in the field of green energy transition and sustainability.

We invite you then to discover and create together the future of sustainable thermal energy.

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