Thermoregulation in pharma r&d laboratories for bioservices

Here’s another interesting application within the pharma sector, developed by Tempco for one of the most important Italian companies in the field of r&d for bioservices. The customer is in particular a main manufacturer of APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients), highly committed in the deployment of innovative and sustainable pharmaceutical production processes.

For the applications serving the laboratories of the customer we have developed an integrated thermoregulation system, equipped with PID control of several temperature levels, providing different thermal power capacities depending on the requested duty. Fine and precise regulation of temperature is a key factor in the research and development of new molecules and APIs, in order to ensure maximum and repeatable quality standards and process safety.


The thermoregulation system for APIs production has been realized as a turn-key plug and play solution.

Tempco termoregolazione Ricerca pharma API

Tempco termoregolazione Ricerca bioservices pharma produzione API

Tempco termoregolazione Ricerca pharma API bioservices

Tempco termoregolazione Ricerca pharma produzione bioservices API

Tempco termoregolazione Ricerca bioservices pharma API

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