Long plates for anodic oxidation

Revamping and rebuild intervention for the substitution of old heat exchangers, impossible to recover, installed in anodic oxidation plants.

We already covered the topic of anodic oxidation a few months ago, talking about aluminium where the treatment process is employed to increase corrosion resistance of the material, for harsh environments applications.

scambiatori piastre lunghe ossidazione anodica

The process consists in the use a galvanic bath, with a solution of water and sulphuric acid, and the passage of low voltage current.

In the specific case, we installed new long plates heat exchangers in order to obtain an optimization of acid’s temperatures. Using a lower water load, the heat exchangers achieve optimal acid cooling, thanks to the fact that it remains for a longer time in contact with the cooling water.

The heat exchangers have been engineered with special materials and executions, aimed to face the severe operating conditions of anodic oxidation plants:

– special gaskets resistant to sulphuric acid (concentration 18%)
– AISI 316 plates with high thickness
– connections coated with special corrosion resistant material