Cooling units for special furnaces

Carbon-ceramic brake discs are increasingly required in the automotive sector, for application on high performance vehicles, due to the extremely high levels of braking performances that they offer. The technology involved in the production process of this kind of brake discs is highly sophisticated, and requires a strictly confidential know-how.

Tempco is since a few years a trusted supplier of one of the leading builders of this kind of braking systems, having supplied already in the past a cooling unit solution for the furnaces.

raffreddamento forni dischi freno carboceramici

In the upcoming months we are going to supply a new cooling unit, similar to the previous one but able to provide a capacity nearly four times higher. But in addition, and most important, the new cooling system for the furnaces is equipped with control, automation and regulation functions completely managed by a PLC, with remote management.

The project is especially focused on ensuring the maximum levels of security, availability and redundancy in case of fault. Avoiding downtimes and product losses is indeed an essential requirement. The ‘thermal heart’ of the furnaces cooling system is represented by plate heat exchangers, combined with temperature regulation and modulating systems.