Skid units, custom integrated thermoregulation

Skid thermoregulation units with plc control, electric pumps and electronic thermoregulators: lately Tempco is developing a complete range of box framed thermal machines, intended to respond any thermostatation need in industrial processes of our customers.
These thermal units involve integrated solutions or package skid units for thermoregulation, with a strong industrial design and are largely appreciated for their extremely custom engineering, with a very special attention for components selection and details. The units are enhanced with:
– Stainless steel pipings

– Pickling treated weldings

– First quality modulating control valves

– Steel sheet frame box coated with oven cured polyurethane cycle

– Centrifugal electric pumps with special mechanical seal for high temperatures

– Electric pumps with magnetic drive for diathermic fluids at 300 °C

– Monitoring and safety equipments

– Digital Electronic thermoregulator with smart interface
TREG 300 C

These customized and special thermoregulation units are engineered in order to allow industries to commit thermoregulation needs for their production processes to systems and devices that ensure the right heating, thermoregulation and cooling cycles, with maximum efficiency and the highest precision in temperature’s setting and regulation.

The units can be enhanced with multiple heat exchangers, working with fluids at different temperatures, depending on the temperature’s level needed, cooling or heating production fluids, pumped in the thermoregulation units making the fluids always available at the most suitable temperature for production purposes. Plc managing systems can control the whole process, automatically monitoring the fluid’s flowing and transition using a sophisticated system of electric actuated valves.

TREG 300 C connections
skid termoregolazione

Tempco produces this kind of thermoregulation units as largely tested modules, also supplied complete with proper certifications requested by the peculiar applications environment, such as ATEX construction for chemical and pharmaceutical.

Among advantages reached with this thermoregulation skid units are:

– working fluids in separated circuits avoiding mixing
– high thermal transfer efficiency
– heating/cooling/thermoregulating cycles automation
– highly precise temperature’s regulation
– setting of different temperatures series



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