Lead batteries recycling plants cooling

The disposal and smelting of lead batteries commonly employed in cars, but also used on industrial vehicles such as lifters and others applications, is a complex and delicate topic, requiring a series of specific technologies.

smaltimento batterie dissipatori Tempco T FIN

Tempco engineers and supplies since many years lead recycling sector’s companies solutions intended for burner’s lances cooling feeding the smelting furnaces.

Tempco dissipatori T FIN

The task involves a special application of the TFIN dissipators, with a special construction using special materials due to the highly aggressive environments of this industry. The dissipators are usually installed in a remote site inside the plants, and are equipped with proper pumping skid systems T FLOW.

smaltimento batterie sistemi pompaggio T FLOW recupero termico

All the equipments, both the coolers and the pumping groups, are redundant, in order to avoid failures and downtimes as in this kind of plants once the smelting process has started it cannot be stopped until the end of the treatment.