Third line of carbon ceramic brakes furnaces cooling

We’re currently supplying the third line for the cooling of furnaces employed in the production of carbon ceramic brakes. The Tempco customer has eventually standardized both the PLC logic and the selection of all the components, with an optimization as well of the exchangers, pumps, tanks, levels and interfaces for the application.

The line is intended to cool the furnaces that provide the thermal treatment of the discs of carbon ceramic brakes. The Tempco solution ensures the cooling of the furnaces, because in case of an improper, or even absent cooling process, the whole brakes batch could go wasted. But also the furnaces themselves could be damaged, with obviously an even greater loss.

The treatment achieved within the furnaces is therefore a critical step in this kind of application, as well as the accuracy and reliability of the cooling system. In order to ensure always the maximum reliability, the cooling plant has been equipped with redundant security systems, using tower water that feeds a heat exchanger and pumps providing the circulation of the water within the furnaces. With water in a closed circuit among the tower, the exchanger and the furnaces. In case of power failure, an emergency generator starts automatically with a valves circuit automatically opening, allowing mains water to flow within the plant decreasing the temperature of the furnaces, saving both the machinery and the production.

Tempco raffreddamento forni produzione freni carboceramici


Finally, the customer is already planning a further expansion of the system with the addition of a fourth cooling line for the furnaces.

Tempco produzione freni carboceramici alte prestazioni raffreddamento

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