Abandonment of gas R22 refrigerant


Programming of the abandonment of gas R22 refrigerant:

From 01/01/2010:

  • It is not longer possible to produce and export machines with R-22 (for the European market the ban dates back to 2001)
  • It is no longer possible to use the gas R-22 “virgin” for top-up or replacement during maintenance operations.


Replace your old refrigerator R22 and save 25%
A modern chiller with scroll compressor and R410A gas consumes 25% less than an old R22 chiller with reciprocating compressors.

Let’s take an example of how much you can save by replacing an old refrigerator power rating 70,000 kcal/h, assuming an age of 10 years, a natural drop in performance over time of evaporator and condenser, R22 and reciprocating compressors.

Old refrigerator consumption: 172,763 kWh / year
Coefficient of refrigeration old refrigerator consumption: 4,13
Last generation Tempco refrigerator consumption: 128.631 kWh/year
Coefficient of last generation Tempco refrigeration: 5,52

Saving 25%
= 44.132 kWh/year at medium cost of 0,15 Euro/kWh
= 6.619,00 Euro/year
If the same is associated with a free cooling system, the savings can exceed to 80%.