Water and oil, thermoregulation and… French fries

An interesting subject of which I talk about in this new video refers to the startup and commissioning of thermoregulating units and plants working with diathermic oil. From time to time we are involved in the startup of this kind of plants, and… have you ever did French fries? What it got to do with it, you may ask, but this is very related if you think about what happens when a water drops into hot boiling oil. The effect is devastating and really damaging.

Let’s then imagine what can happen in a thermoregulating plant that works using high temperature diathermic oil, if it gets accidentally washed with water, or simply if there is remaining humidity inside the plant. There will be huge issues, and usually we can solve these problems during the startup phase because there is suddenly the sensation that something isn’t working properly… due to the fact that there is smoke coming out of the expansion tank, followed by some sort of murmur and grumbling noises and also by the leaking of hot oil in the expansion tank itself.

It is thus mandatory to be very careful, as we write in all our manuals and recommend as well our customers: where there is oil, NEVER put water.



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