Rise in energy prices and heating, switching from gas to electrification

The energy crisis, the rising of energy prices and the issues in gas supply from East caused by geopolitical problems of the conflict in Ukraine, are pushing companies towards electrification in their heating tasks in production processes. These issues are indeed increasing the prices for energy production, and therefore of heat.

The switch we are witnessing is from gas heating to electrical heating, as in Tempco we are receiving daily requests of this kind. This involves especially companies that have a self-production of electrical energy, coming from renewables such as photovoltaic. And in particular for big enterprises that have huge centralized systems that provide steam and high temperature diathermic oil for heating of production processes.

In fact, these companies are switching from this type of units to smaller units electrically heated. In the past, in Italy the cost of electrical energy was higher than gas, but actually the situation has turned, making this kind of choice preferable and more convenient, especially as said in case of self-production of power from renewables.

In addition, these kind of units allow to implement solutions using static relays or thyristors, thus allowing the adjustment of power consumption to the real request of heating in the production plant, limiting power consumption where is really needed. It is then possible to employ smaller units dedicated to heating of smaller parts of the plant, refining the energy consumption by heating only the process where it is necessary, instead of having a unique centralized heater serving all of the utilities at once.

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