Infographic from heat to value, energy recovery in industrial processes

The new Tempco infographic, which has been published at the end of 2021 and with which we are glad to welcome you in the New year, is related to the energy recovery market, a field aimed to maximize the value of heat, in other words thermal energy which is a precious resource widely available within industrial processes; and for Tempco it really means playing at home.

Following the previous infographics that spanned through automation, smart manufacturing in industrial processes and the renewables, finally heat recovery applications in the field of industrial production processes is what really characterizes Tempco’s engineering commitment.

The primary technology here analyzed for energy recovery are heat exchangers, a kind of thermal machines employing the physical effect of thermal transfer between two fluids having a temperature’s gap, allowing an intelligent re-use of thermal energy which is a very abundant form of energy available in a wide variety of industries, that can be re-used as second-level kind of energy in other points of the production process. With no further power consumption required, contributing to increase the energy balance of the process by implementing energy saving and efficiency solutions reducing CO2 emissions and the environmental impact of industrial productions.

A look at other technologies such as dry cooling and cogeneration is included as well, solutions that enable a more efficient and smart use of fuels, reducing energy waste for an increased and more efficient use and deployment of primary resources in cooling and heating tasks involved in any kind on industry, from oil & gas and steel mill to food & beverages and plastics, to chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. The key words of Tempco’s vision for each one of these sectors are energy efficiency and thermal energy recovery.


infografica-dal-calore-al-valore-eng thermal energy recovery

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