Cooling water distribution circuit optimization project

As a follow up to our past august’s intervention for the complete regenaration of heat exchangers for a customer that manufactures plastics for the manufacturing sector, the company contacted us again asking for a re-engineering and update of their cooling plant for the production lines.

The messy growth on the facility during the years has generated indeed a series of great issues within the cooling water distribution circuit.

Tempco distribuzione acqua raffreddamento

utenze acqua raffreddamento granulo plastica


After a preliminary study, the customer accepted the proposal we’ve deployed in modular steps, divided by areas of problems. The aim is not to generate production downtimes, thus implementing the intervention in a non invasive way in order to ensure operations continuity. The intervention schedule will therefore follow these three steps:

  1. Intervention to solve water distribution problems
  2. Once the water will be properly supplied to all of the utilities, analysis of temperatures required and fulfillment of them, in order to implement wherever is necessary new cooling solutions or proceeding with a boosting of the existing ones
  3. Energy efficiency increase of existing utilities


Tempco impianto raffreddamento plastica

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