Immersion cooling and towers in die casting foundry

Back in 2011, Tempco installed a cooling plant for an important Italian foundry. The cooling plant provides in fact the cooling of several equipments, including induction furnaces, die casting machines for the foundry of metallic parts with steel dies, moulds cooling tanks and cooling tanks for the manufactured parts.

Overall, the cooling plants is composed by:

Tempco raffreddamento fonderia torre di raffreddamento


After more than 10 years of operations, the customer needs to increase the production capacity of the plant. The intervention involved to double the cooling tower and the related water distribution system, due to the fact that the foundry will install new additional induction furnaces and also because the cooling system will have to serve also a new part of the plant aiming for the cooling of die casting machines.

Tempco raffreddamento fonderia conchigliatrici parti metalliche

Tempco raffreddamento fonderia scambiatori TCOIL a immersione

Tempco raffreddamento fonderia scambiatori saldobrasati


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