Brazed plate exchangers with heat recovery in distillation

The photographs in this post are showing special brazed plate heat exchangers we realized for a chemistry industry in the distillation process.
The exchangers are employed in all of the steps of the process, which include:

– head/bottom recovery on distillation columns
– head condensing on distillation column
– bottom cooling of the distillate
– bottom distillate reboiler
– pre-heating on column feeding

Tempco scambiatori distillazione


These are some typical applications in distillation/condensation chemistry plants. In this case the customer chose this solution to have compact sizes and high thermal transfer efficiency, pushing all the phases of the process aiming to limit energy consumption.
Based on thermal duties involved, the brazed exchangers are installed in multiple units in parallel configuration. The brazed exchangers employed are heat exchangers of the TCB3100 and TCB4100 series with flanged dn100 and dn80 connections, which allow to manage processes with very high flow rates.

Tempco saldobrasati distillazione

During the head/bottom recovery on distillation columns we’ve implemented an energy recovery concept, in fact achieving a thermal exchange between the final product and the product entering the distillation column. Is therefore possible to leverage the final product temperatures for pre-heating the incoming product, further increasing the overall process efficiency.

Tempco saldobrasati connessioni

To fulfill the cycle we’ve also supplied two small plate coolers of the TCB H series for high temperatures, aimed to manage a cooling cycle with a thermal gap between the primary and secondary circuit exceeding 160° C.

Tempco connessioni saldobrasati


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